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Bed Hospital Planned For New Mangalore Port

A New Healthcare Horizon

In the bustling hub of New Mangalore Port, a beacon of healthcare innovation is set to emerge, promising a brighter future for all. The Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre has unveiled plans for a transformative project that will reshape healthcare accessibility in the region.

Reinventing Healthcare: The Big Plan

The plan is grand yet grounded: Srinivas Institute will revitalize the current 32-bed hospital while birthing a new 150-bed multi-specialty marvel at the port. Here’s the scoop:

Exclusive Rights:

Srinivas Institute will helm the existing hospital for two years and steward the expansive 150-bed facility for the next six decades, ensuring sustainable healthcare for generations to come.

Strategic Investment:

With a whopping ₹107 crores investment, the project is poised to elevate healthcare standards, with completion slated for September 2026.

Expanded Services:

From cutting-edge treatments to comprehensive care, the new hospital will cater to the needs of port employees, CISF personnel, retirees, and locals, filling crucial gaps in healthcare provision.

Community Impact:

Beyond medical services, this initiative will breathe new life into the local economy, generating employment opportunities for specialists, doctors, nurses, and support staff, thus fortifying both health and livelihoods. In collaboration with the A Shama Rao Foundation, this venture marks a monumental leap in public-private partnership, symbolizing a shared commitment to fostering robust healthcare infrastructure for all. Stay informed and connected as we witness the dawn of a new era in healthcare. Follow Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd for updates.


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