Instruction for use of Rebar Bending Machine

Instruction for use of Rebar Bending Machine

GW42/52 types series steel bending machine, because of its simple structure, reliable work, convenient operation, can make 6-40 mm or 6-50mm steel bent into the shapes required in the construction of bridges, buildings, bridges, so by the precast factory and construction site workers welcome.

The operation and maintenance of the machine are simple and convenient, so it is more suitable for the construction of the current construction.

GW42 & GW52

After Using the machine for a period of time, the working disk should be changed to 180 degrees for use, so that the internal parts also change 180-degree position, so that the machine parts to achieve uniform wear and tear, and extend the service life of the machine.

Technical Parameters

  • • Diameter of flexible steel bar: 6-32MM (GW42)/6-40MM (GW52)
  • • Bending Disc Diameter: 350mm/400mm
  • • Long Countertop: 800mm/880mm
  • • Countertop Width: 800mm/780mm
  • • Spindle Speed: 10-20r/per min
  • • Motor Power: 4Kw/3.7Kw
  • • Motor Speed: 1440r/min
  • • Voltage: 415v
  • • Overall Dimensions (L*W*H): 800*800*750 (Gw42)/800*780*730 (Gw52)
  • • Whole machine Weight: 330kg/430kg
  • The operation of the Machine

    A. Steel bending method and accessories selection:

    The utility model can bend the materials used in engineering into various shapes to meet the requirements of the building.

    Bending shapes of commonly used steel bars

    B. Operations notes

  • 1. Before bending the steel bar, it is necessary to select a good worker according to the diameter of the steel bar to bent out.
  • 2. Bending Bar Diameter A326-40; Second class thread steel: 26–36-time tool selection and the installation location are shown in table three and table four.
  • 3. At the same time, when there is more curved root, longer steel bars should be supported by shelves.
  • 4. To rescue measurement time, set the scale on the table.
  • Center-Post
    A tool mounting position diagram for bending diameter 6-32mm reinforcement is used

    A tool mounting position diagram for bending diameter 6-32mm reinforcement is used


    Reinforcement Diameter
    Tool use Work disc center On the work tray Insert seat Work disc center On the work tray Insert seat Work disc center On the work tray Insert seat
    Guide cylinder
    ɸ50 Center post
    ɸ50 Column
    ɸ75 Column set
    ɸ85 Column set
    ɸ100 Column set
    ɸ130 Column set

    Causes and Troubleshooting

    Fault Types
    Cause of occurrence
    Elimination method
    Bending machine no power
  • 1. The V-belt is loose
  • 2. The motor burned out
  • 3. The voltage is too low
  • 1. Adjust the V-belt
  • 2. Update maintenance
  • 3. Regulating voltage
  • Bending arm can not be returned or not in place
  • 1. Contactors bad contact
  • 2. The trip switch poor contact
  • 3. Micro switch is broken
  • 4. Within the return spring broken or aging
  • 1. Clean the contacts with emery cloth
  • 2. For travel switch
  • 3. For micro switch
  • 4. In exchange for spring
  • Not automatically into electric
  • 1. Contactor contacts poor contact
  • 2. The wire cut off or the first line out
  • 3. Travel switch contacts burn out
  • 1. Clean the contacts with emery cloth
  • 2. Change the line or re-installed
  • 3. For the trip switch
  • Bending machine out of control
  • 1. Button or foot switch into the line touch the line or touch the electric shock
  • 2. Contact contactor stuck
  • 3. The trip switch is damaged or work head can not come out
  • 4. Travel switch head and angle regulator large gap or limit switch damage
  • 1. Replace the wire or switch
  • 2. For contactor
  • 3. Replacement or lubrication
  • 4. Adjust the gap or change the stroke switch
  • Motor reversal non-stop
  • 1. Curved arm stuck back in place
  • 2. Bending arm back in place
  • 3. Micro-switch damage or gap is too large
  • 1. Adjust
  • 2. In exchange for a bit spring
  • 3. For micro-switch adjustment
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