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Rebar Bending Machine - GW52

A range of Rebar Bending machines is specifically designed for bending rebar bars to meet diverse construction needs. We offer a wide selection of machines that cater to different requirements, ensuring a perfect match for your specific rebar and usage. Our machines are equipped with advanced features and capabilities, enabling them to effortlessly bend rebars with diameters of up to 40mm. We take pride in delivering machines that consistently deliver exceptional performance and meet the highest standards of quality.

Price: INR 80,000

Technical specifications

Specification Value
Model GW52
Rebar Diameter 6-40mm
Bending Speed 20r/Min
Motor power 4kW Brake Motor
Voltage 380V/415V
Plate Diameter 410mm
Motor Speed 1440r/Min
Driving Mode Gear Box
Table Thickness 12mm
Weight 410kg
Dimension 850X745X990mm