Uses & Characteristics of Rebar Cutting Machine


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Uses & Characteristics of Rebar Cutting Machine

Uses & Characteristics of Rebar Cutting Machine

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GQ40, GQ45A, GQ50, GQ52 is a type of steel bar cutting machine.It is suitable for ordinary carbon steel, hot rolled round bar and thread steel in all kinds of reinforced concrete in construction engineering. Can cut flat steel, square steel and angle steel, The machine has the following advantages:


  • 1. Small size, light weight, compact structure, solid and reliable.
  • 2. Good lubrication performance: using box closed structure, gear splash lubrication, sequentially refueling, continuous operation can be used for more than a month. (the oil surface should not be power than the oil mark line, so that the machine is always in good lubrication state)
  • 3. Less function loss: because of the improvement of lubrication conditions, the gear shaft end adopts rolling bearing, the resistance is small, compared with the same type of cutting machine, the power can be reduced by ⅓ when the same load.
  • 4. Easy to move: front wheel steering, flexible, convenient maintenance.
  • Main Technical Parameters

    The machine is composed of a walking wheel group, transmission structure, body, clutch device, knife head, knife seat, etc.

    Transmission system diagram

    Use & Safety Precautions

    I. Preparation before use

  • ● Hand rotation, check gear meshing is normal, whether there is a stuck phenomenon.
  • ● Check whether the blade installation is correct and firm, the gap between the two blade horizontal planes should be within 0.2mm-0.5mm/0.2mm-0.8mm range.
  • ● Check whether the electrical equipment is normal, to ensure good insulation performance, pay attention to use three- phase four core line, ensure proper grounding. After the connection test run, the direction of rotation should be consistent with the direction shown by the belt cover.
  • ● The new machine before use to open the fuel cap (in the machine on the cover plate through the refueling hole) to the machine cavity with N150-220#gear oil to the oil window ⅔ diameter.
  • ● No-load test 10min, if found abnormal phenomenon should be shut down in time.
  • II. Matters needing attention in use process

  • ● Steel must be cut in the middle and lower parts of the tool, not necessary to use the upper part of the tool, so as to avoid excessive fatigue of the rear end of the body.
  • ● The shape of the fixed blade is rectangular (84*70mm/90*74mm), and the cutting edge is made of the long side when the steel bar is less than 32mm/38mm. When cutting the steel bar above 32mm/38mm, the cutting edge should be made with short edges, and the blade should be loosened during use. When the blade edge is broken, the tool should be replaced or replaced immediately, so that the cutting resistance will increase after the cutting edge is blunt, and other parts will be damaged, the fixed blade is sheared below 32/38mm under the factory.
  • III. The use of Pedal Clutch

  • ● After the cut steel bar is placed in the cut position, the eccentric block iron (eight arris iron) is reinforced with proper edge, and the pedal can be cut off by the pedal clutch. Once the pedal is cut off once, the pedal time can not exceed 2 seconds, otherwise the knife will be continuously removed.
  • ● If you want to continue to cut controllable tight fork M8 bolts, pull the brake pin can be cut off continuously.
  • ● The machine can remove the inner cushion block, replace the special cutting blade of angle steel, and can cut the angle steel. (corner cutting blade to order supply).
  • ● Pedal clutch, clutch should be placed in place, often lack of virtual foot will cause premature damage to the clutch.
  • Maintenance & Lubrication

  • 1. Timely cleaning of all parts of dust and debris, rust should be oiled.
  • 2. Often check the oil surface in the machine is in the oil mark above the line.
  • 3. If the machine stops working for a long time, it is necessary to remove the motor.
  • 4. For the first time after the use of fuel should be replaced by the new oil, the use of 6 months after each bearing should be based on a calcium base grease.
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