XMR030 V/S XMR050 Choose the One Which Suits Your Construction Projects the Best

XMR030 V/S XMR050 Choose the One Which Suits Your Construction Projects the Best

Introducing the XMR 050 and XMR 030, two exceptional models from XCMG that excel in delivering top-notch performance for your construction needs. With their powerful features and innovative design, these compaction machines are guaranteed to enhance productivity and take your construction projects to the next level.

Let's start with the XMR 050

• This hydraulic-driven machine is powered by the reliable XCMG Engine, ensuring optimal performance and durability. With a robust working weight of 530 kg, the XMR 050 exhibits outstanding efficiency in compacting various materials. Its driving speed of 4 km/h allows for quick and efficient operation on construction sites.

• One of the standout features of the XMR 050 is its impressive climbing ability of 30%. This means that it can easily handle challenging terrains, providing versatility in operation. Whether you're working on uneven surfaces or steep slopes, the XMR 050 is designed to tackle any obstacle with ease.

• When it comes to compaction, the XMR 050 doesn't disappoint. It boasts a vibratory frequency of 75 Hz and an amplitude of 0.5 mm, ensuring thorough and precise compaction results. With a powerful 20 kn exciting force and a 600 mm wheel width, this model guarantees optimal performance in achieving the desired level of compaction.

• Despite its exceptional power, the XMR 050 maintains a compact size of 2450x780x1100 mm. This compact design allows for excellent manoeuvrability in confined construction sites where space is limited. Additionally, the XMR 050 is equipped with a 7.457 kW/10 HP engine, a 3.5 L diesel tank, a 16 L hydraulic oil tank, and a 16 L water tank. These features enable extended work times, maximizing productivity on the field.

Now let's turn our attention to the XMR 030

• This model is a powerful and compact compaction machine specifically designed to optimize construction projects. With an operating mass of 350 kg and a rated power of 3.6 kW/4.82 HP, the XMR 030 proves that good things come in smaller packages.

• The XMR 030 offers a working speed of 0-4 km/h, ensuring efficient operation while maintaining control. Its vibrational frequency of 75 Hz and an exciting force of 20 kn guarantee thorough compaction, even in tight spaces. With a compaction width of 600 mm and a static line load of 45 N/CM, the XMR 030 delivers precise and effective results, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

• Thanks to its theoretical amplitude of 0.5 mm and a theoretical climbing ability of 25%, the XMR 030 showcases its versatility in handling different construction scenarios. It can easily navigate through narrow pathways and uneven surfaces, ensuring maximum efficiency on the job.

Both the XMR 050 and XMR 030 represent the pinnacle of compaction machines. Whether you choose the XMR 050 for its higher working weight and climbing ability or opt for the XMR 030 for its compact size and versatility, you can trust both models to deliver superior performance and enhance productivity on your construction sites.