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Rebar Threading Machine - CDRG45

The CDRG-45 Threading Machine is a versatile tool designed for efficient and accurate threading operations. With a threading diameter of 16-40mm, adjustable thread pitch of 2.5mm-3mm, and a maximum working length of 80mm, it can handle various threading requirements. Powered by a 5.5kw motor and operating at 62r/min, it delivers consistent performance. Weighing 380kg, it strikes a balance between power and portability. The machine is compatible with 415v voltage, making it suitable for diverse work environments. Ideal for industries like manufacturing, construction, and plumbing.

Price: INR 85,000

Technical specifications

Specification Value
Model No CDRG 45
Voltage 415 V
Motor Power 5.5kW/7.37hp
Main Shaft Speed 62r/min
Threading Diameter 16-40 mm
Thread Pitch 2.5-3 mm
Weight 380kg
Max. Working Length 80 mm