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Suspended Platform - ZLP800

The ZLP800 Suspended Platform is a reliable and versatile solution for working at heights. It features a 7.5-meter platform made of M.S. steel, with a rated load of 800kg. The platform's ascend speed ranges from 9 to 11m/min, supported by a 9.1mm wire rope. Safety is ensured with tilt-proof safety locks and a 15Nm braking system. The platform's height can be adjusted from 1.15m to 1.75m, with a front beam extension of 1.1m to 1.7m. Powered by a 1.8kWx motor, it operates on AC 415V, 3-phase power supply. It is an ideal choice for construction and maintenance tasks at elevated heights.

Price: INR 155,000

Technical specifications

Specification Value
Model ZLP 800
Rebar Material of Platform M.S Steel Platform & Hot Dip Galvanized/Power Coated
Platform Size 2.5x2=5 mtr
Total 7.5 mtr
Counter Weight 1000kg Approx
Working Speed 9-11m/min
Power 1.8kW x 2
Voltage AC 415V - 3 Phase
Rated Lifting Force 8 kN
Rated Load 800kg
Structure Weight 900-950 kg Approx