Concrete Laser Screed Machine WS25-2

Concrete Laser Screed Machine WS25-2

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The WS25-2 laser screed vibrator is a powerful and efficient paving machine. With its rocking screed head, it covers a width of 2500 mm and achieves precise leveling with the help of a microcomputer laser scanning system. The vibration motor provides an excitation force of 2000 N at a frequency of 50 Hz, ensuring excellent consolidation of the concrete. It is lightweight at 325 kg, making it easily transportable, and its solid puncture-proof or special use wide tires ensure stability on various terrains. This screed vibrator is a reliable choice for achieving flat and accurately leveled surfaces in construction projects.

Specification Value
Model WS25 - 2
Engine Power 3.8 HP
Lubrication Oil Level 0.6 - 0.8 L
Fuel Tank Volume 18 L
Working mode of Screed Head Rocking Type
Screed Width 2500 mm
Paving Mode Vibrating Plate Spreading
Paving Thickness 50 - 240 mm
Control mode of Vibrating System Vibration Motor
Excitation Force 2000 N
Vibration Frequency 50 Hz
Control mode of Laser System Microcomputer Laser Scanning
Control effect of Laser System Flat surface slope, Double slope (3 Dimensional)
Drive Type Reducer + Motor
Wheel Solid puncture proof tyre / Special use wide tyre.
Speed 0 - 36m/min
Power Alternator
Theoretical Flow 20L/min
Rated Pressure 7 Mpa
Outline Dimension 3210*2730*1160 mm
Net Weight 325 KG