XCMG XMR030 Soil Compaction Walk Behind Road Roller

XCMG XMR030 Soil Compaction Walk Behind Road Roller

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Introducing the XCMG XMR 030, a powerful and compact compaction machine designed to optimize your construction projects. With an operating mass of 350 KG and a rated power of 3.6 KW/4.82 HP, this efficient machine delivers outstanding performance. Its working speed of 0-4 KM/H, vibrational frequency of 75 HZ, and exciting force of 20 KN ensure thorough compaction. The XMR 030 features a compaction width of 600 mm and a static line load of 45 N/CM, guaranteeing precise and effective compaction. With a theoretical amplitude of 0.5 mm and a theoretical climbing ability of 25%, this machine is the perfect solution for your construction needs. Trust the XMR 030 to enhance productivity and achieve superior results

Operating Mass 350 KG
Rated Power 3.6 KW/4.82 HP
Working Speed 0 - 4 KM/H
Vibrational Frequency 75 HZ
Exciting Force 20 KN
Compaction Width 600 mm
Size 1500*760*1050 mm
Static Line Load 45 N/CM
Theoretical Amplitude 0.5 mm
Theoretical Climbing Ability 25%