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Walk Behind Rollers

A roller, in the context of construction and heavy machinery, typically refers to a road roller, also known as a compactor or steamroller. It is a heavy piece of equipment used to compact and smooth various types of surfaces, such as soil, asphalt, or concrete, during construction and road-building projects.


Walk Behind Rollers are a crucial component in road construction, effectively compacting asphalt and soil layers to create stable and long-lasting road surfaces.

They are employed in the construction and maintenance of highways, ensuring the uniform compaction of road surfaces for safe and smooth transportation.

These rollers are used to compact soil in various construction projects, including foundations, embankments, and land development.

In infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, and airports, XCMG Rollers contribute to the creation of structurally sound and compacted surfaces.

They are valuable in landscaping and hardscaping projects for compacting ground surfaces and achieving a stable foundation for landscaping elements.

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