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Job Description

We are seeking a Technical Associate to join our team. The Technical Associate will collaborate with network analysts to identify, assess, and resolve technical issues pertaining to computer networking operations. Their responsibilities will include evaluating technical programs, designing applications and web pages, and delivering customer support for programs and applications.

Job Responsibilities

  • Act as the sole point of contact for both existing and prospective clients, ensuring seamless communication and understanding of their needs.
  • Analyze clients technical requirements thoroughly and propose tailored solutions that align with their objectives.
  • Maintain regular communication with customers and prospects, addressing every technical inquiry promptly and following up to ensure satisfaction.
  • Keep clients updated on the latest technological advancements and product offerings to enhance their understanding and decision-making process.
  • Conduct on-site visits to clients offices for comprehensive discussions and presentations on our product range.
  • Deliver detailed demonstrations highlighting the technical features and advantages of our products to showcase their value.
  • Offer informed advice to clients regarding technology upgrades and complementary products to optimize their operations.
  • Foster and nurture strong relationships with customers, prioritizing their needs and building trust and loyalty.
  • Collaborate closely with the Product Development team, providing valuable insights and feedback from client interactions to drive continuous improvement.
  • Stay abreast of industry trends, competitor offerings, and emerging technologies to effectively position our solutions in the market.
  • Provide dedicated post-sales technical support, resolving any issues promptly and coordinating with relevant teams to ensure timely resolution and customer satisfaction.

Employee Benefits And Perks

  • Medical insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid sick leave
  • PF and ESIC facilities
  • Remote work options
  • Employee training programmes

Job Overview

Date Posted :

May 10, 2024

Location :

NSP, Delhi

Qualification :

Experience :

2 Years

Employement type :

Full Time

Deadline :

Jun 30, 2024

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