Essential Guide: Maintenance, Installation, and Operations of Iron Worker Machines


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Essential Guide: Maintenance, Installation, and Operations of Iron Worker Machines

Essential Guide: Maintenance, Installation, and Operations of Iron Worker Machines

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In this blog post, where we will be discussing the crucial topic of machine lubrication and maintenance. We will provide you with valuable insights into the necessary steps that need to be taken care of during the installation and operation of machines. Additionally, we will touch upon the important aspects of the electric system. By following the recommended practices outlined in this article, you will be able to optimize machine performance, ensure longevity, and promote a safe working environment. Let's dive in and explore these topics in detail.

Lubrication and maintenance of the machines

  • (1) Maintenance of the machines:
  • A) After the machine is installed in place, it shall be cleaned first and coated with new lubricating oil. Only after the machine is fully lubricated, can it be put into Use.
  • B) During the operation of the machine, attention should be paid to the temperature rise of the shaft sleeve, bearing and motor. When the temperature rise is too high, it should be stopped using.
  • C) The tools and sundries around the tools at all stations should be cleaned in time.
  • D) After each shift, the machine must be cleaned and greased to prevent corrosion. When the machine is not in use for a long time, the motor should be removed and stored in a dry place.
  • (2) Lubrication of the machine:
  • Good Lubrication and correct oil, can ensure the normal operation of the machine, can extend its service life, so we must pay attention to the lubrication of the machine. The machine uses lithium or calcium-based grease.
  • A) According to the lubrication instructions, the machine shall inject qualified lubricating grease in time and quantity
  • B) Grease should be stored in airtight containers and kept at all times.
  • C) Grease must be applied to the sliding track when the machine is often idle.
  • D) Schematic diagram of Lubrication
  • Untitled-design-8-2

    This machine lubricating oil, each shift spinning oil cup not less than 3 times. No less than 4 times per shift for machine oil.

    Installation and Operation

  • (1) Installation of the machines
  • The machine should be fixed on the anchor screw before use, and the concrete foundation should be made according to the position shown in diagram before installation. After the foundation is dry and solid, the machine should be adjusted to the horizontal Position and tightened. (Attached drawing for installation instructions)
  • Basic Diagram


  • (2) Preparation for Using:
  • (a) Turn the large pulley by hand to see whether the gears are engaged correctly.(b) Check the firmness of each part and tighten the loose screws to check whether the shield and whether there are obstacles in each part.
  • (c) Circuits and motors must be connected in the prescribed way, with firm ground connection angle.
  • (d) The machine must be lubricated according to the lubrication diagram.
  • (e) During the empty vehicle test, when abnormal noise is found, stop the vehicle immediately, check the cause and timely repair.
  • (3) Precautions for use of the machine
  • (a) After the machine starts, check whether the steering of the inertia wheel is correct or not. Do not use the machine if it is not correct.
  • (b) When cutting in batches, baffle positioning can be used for continuous cutting.
  • (c) (1) Movable cutting edge, fixed cutting angle, round and square.
  • (2) Shear Plate between upper and lower blade, flat steel and round steel with diameter less than 11min.
  • (3) Cutting special- shaped Angle steel between punch and bottom of punch (see attached drawing for details), punching can be done between punch and die.
  • (4) Various blade and punch should not be used together or at the same time.
  • Special Angle shear Parameter

    Shape Second-Cutting
    1 stroke

    (1)First-Cuttingfirst cutting   (2)Second-Cuttingsecond cutting
    Spec. 65 x 65 x 6 65 x 65 x 6
    Note: if need to cut into (2),it requires to be cut into (1) first

  • (d) The Horseshoe shape at the angle cut can be solved by adjusting the heigh of the rack tray when cutting angle steel between the movable and fixed cutting edges.
  • Untitled-design-10-1

  • (e) When cutting material with cutting edge and cutting edge, use top wire to flatten the material before cutting, otherwise the knife will be damaged quickly.
  • Untitled-design-11-1

  • (F) Clearance of each blade and punch:
  • (a) After the upper and lower cutting edges are worn or repaired, the clearance between the two sides should be adjusted evenly, and the adjustment gap should be about 3% of the cutting board thickness.
  • Untitled-design-12-1

  • (b) When the angle punch and special angle bottom cutter are us3ed, the clearance shall be adjusted to 1/10 of the thickness of shear Angle.
  • Whats-App-Image-2023-07-15-at-15-36-58-removebg-preview

  • (c) The Punch die can only be used when it is adjusted to the concentric position of the punch with screws.
  • (d) When punching the round hole, the groove die shall be installed on the punching die seat shall be fixed with screws, and then the punching die seat shall be fixed on the body, and the punching die can be blanked after the gap between the punching head and the surrounding area of the punching die is evenly adjusted (When the thickness of the sheet material is greater than 6mm, the front special-shaped angle steel bottom knife must be removed).
  • (e) Foot protection cover has a 11816mm long hole, is set for automatic continuous work of the machine, start the machine, step on the pedal, the machine began to work continuously, at this time with a phi 10 round steel rod inserted into the long hole, and then release the pedal, the machine can continue to work.
  • Punch-Round-Hole

    Electric system

    When using the machine, the electrical safety operation rules must be strictly followed.

  • a. QC10L-2/6 magnetic started (Coil voltage: 380V)
  • b. Motor: Customized 3KW ( 220 single Phase)
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