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Automatic Rebar Shaping Machine

Automatic Rebar Shaping Machine

Rebar Robomater or Automatic Rabar Shaping Machine is a Dual Direction Bender machine, with 2 Bending Heads, Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd is supplier of this machine in all over India. Stirrup and Rebars with bends at both sides processing both hot and cold drawn steel in coils.

Using Coil of up to θ 16mm or double θ 13mm. The straightening system is completely automatic with electric and independent adjustment for double wire feeding.

Automatic Rebar Shaping Machine allows to producing profiles thanks to an upper operating line where the right bends of the profile and lower line where bends are made.

Bending speed 8-12 [rpm]
Benders no° 2
Benders moving speed 30-60 [m/min] (servo motor)
Min. bending side length(distance between two mandrels) 1,100 [m] for Φ12
Max. bending side length(distance between two mandrels) 11,000 [m] for Φ12
Min. bending angle Upward bending 180º Downward bending 120º
Min. bar length 1,250 [mm]
Accuracy of bending angle ±1
Conveyor load capacity 1,500 [KG]
Power supply voltage 380 [V] – 50[Hz]
Total power 24 [KW]
Total weight 6.0 [M.T.]
Bending capacity Double direction: Φ10-Φ32, single direction: Φ10-Φ50
Bars diameter 10 12 14 16 20 25 28 32 36 40 50
Bending bars no° (σb=455Mpa) 8 7 6 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 1
  1. Rebar Shaping Machine is fully automatic.
  2. Four Direction Bending and the production of any Type of Shapes.
  3. It's Equipped With wide feeding track Consisting of motorized rollers.
  4. Bar holding clamps allows in depended operations of the two bending unit.

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